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Gaudi2 Deep Learning Server

Train with Gaudi2 Deep Learning Server

Gaudi2 Deep Learning Server
Visual Studio Code Dev

Set up Visual Studio Code* app on an instance

Set up Visual Studio Code\* app
Jupyter Notebook training

Run popular use cases in Jupyter* Notebooks

Jupyter Notebook training
XPU Verify Tool

Run a suite of tests for discrete GPUs on Linux* operating systems.

XPU Verify Tool
Processor Finder

Find the right processor by AI/ML use case.

Processor Finder by Use Case.

Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials for Intel® Developer Cloud
Title Description
Generative AI Notebooks Interact with an LLM. Apply fine-tuning using QLoRA. Try stable diffusion for text-to-image or image-to-image generation.
Gaudi2 Deep Learning Server Watch the video on Gaudi2 Deep Learning Server. Try our related tutorial above.